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Remote Technologies, Inc.

Remote Technologies, Inc.


About Us

Remote Technologies, Inc. is a privately-owned computer/software technical support business dedicated to providing your home or office with a low stress computing environment, making your computer/s tailored for your use, and making it clean, safe to use, and customized for your needs.
We are also dedicated to providing a safe environment for your family or employees by providing state of the art Avast Antivirus/Internet Security Software, Content Filtering and Cloud back up Software. We also can provide many of our services remotely. This means less travel and down time for you.
Remote Technologies, inc. provides all the following services and more...just ask!
• Computer Cleanup, Technical Support and repair
• New computer purchase, data export/import and set up
• Network setup/maintenance
• Backups and maintenance
• Spyware and Virus cleaning and prevention
• Avast Cloudcare Security and Antivirus Software Silver Level Reseller and support
• Avast Cloudcare Cloud backup and Content Filtering


Help with all your devices.

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