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Remote Technologies, Inc.

Remote Technologies, Inc.


About Us

Angel e-Design Solutions is a privately-owned computer/software technical support business dedicated to providing your home or office with a low stress computing environment, making your computer/s tailored for your use, and making it clean, safe to use, and customized for your needs.
We are also dedicated to providing a safe environment for your family or employees by providing state of the art Avast Antivirus/Internet Security Software, Content Filtering and Cloud back up Software. We also can provide many of our services remotely. This means less travel and down time for you.
Angel e-Design provides all the following services and more...just ask!
• Computer Cleanup, Technical Support and repair
• New computer purchase, data export/import and set up
• Network setup/maintenance
• Backups and maintenance
• Spyware and Virus cleaning and prevention
• Avast Cloudcare Security and Antivirus Software Silver Level Reseller and support
• Avast Cloudcare Cloud backup and Content Filtering


Help with all your devices.

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