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Lodi Canning Company

Lodi Canning Company


About Us

At Lodi Canning, we know that creamed corn is more than just a delicious side dish. Creamed corn is the jewel of American homestyle meals. It’s a sweet, versatile staple that conjures memories of life on the farm and conversation around the dinner table. Established in 1917, Lodi Canning is a third-generation family-run cannery that has perfected the craft of growing, harvesting, and canning flavorful cream-style corn. By honing in on a niche, Lodi Canning has remained the most reliable cannery for creamed corn, supplying over half the nation’s demand.

Lodi Canning has maintained its core values for over 100 years, but it has also implemented growth and expansion. With humble beginnings in Lodi’s small beloved town, Lodi Canning now operates out of state-of-the-art facilities and is the exclusive supplier to several wholesale food distributors that ship nationwide.



Lodi Canning

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