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Prairie Valley Resale Store


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About Us

Prairie Valley Resale Store is a 501c3 non-profit resale store. Established in 2009, it began as a 3 day ''let's try it'' project and it has since turned into a full time valuable resource for Lodi and it's surrounding communities.

Prairie Valley Resale Store is a volunteer effort. The greatest volunteers in the world run this resale store, from the sorting, cleaning and stocking, to the snow shoveling. Having these volunteers means not paying wages, which in turn keeps the prices on the product in the store very low and affordable. Shoppers love to treasure hunt and find great bargains, which in turn keeps the lights on, so that families in need can benefit from FREE clothing, shoes, furniture and other necessities.
Last year alone, we help 126 families in need, with free goods.

Other programs at the Resale Store are our children's dental program, children's eyeglass program, children's handicap equipment program,
and our monetary ''Kids Can't Wait'' donations to the American Family Children's Hospital, for kids with cancer.

Please join our great effort by contributing a little of your time by volunteering, donating your gently used furniture, home goods, clothing, etc., or making a monetary donation to keep the store running. Any way you choose to donate keeps us solid, and makes you part of ''neighbors helping neighbors''.

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